Sunday, September 22, 2013


Danica is my final for Advanced Character Sculpture (following the Master Study for Midterm). I paid a lot of attention to correct anatomy and good topology for her so that I could use her mesh as a jumping off "female base mesh" in the future. Next quarter for my Special Topics class I will be making her armor sets . . . I am really looking forward to this!

Fantasy Candlestand

I don't do many props, but I really love this one. The wooden stand was one of the very first things I worked on in zBrush, and I came back later to redo the topper and used spotlight project for the first time.

Dragonrider Messenger Boy for Pyrolight

Although I liked to call him Ted, my Mod Team I group never came around to the name (it was, to me anyways, an inside joke on the original working name for the game of "The Eventual Dragon".)

He wields a lantern staff, not show here. (It can be seen on the texture maps.)

This was a "different" character for me to work on, since he is more of an anime style than I would normally work with. The good thing is that made him excellent practice in working not only from someone else's concept, but in a style which I consider somewhat alien to how I think . . . which is why I asked to be the one to do him for our game.


As with most of my models, the original concept art is not mine. This cutie was originally done for my original zBrush class final, and I returned to it later to convert him to lowpoly and add his accessories.

Let's take a closer look at the cutest dead snail EVAH . . .